Online Casino Tournaments

Casino tournaments can also be called casino championships, and they are not much different from regular sports tournaments. It involves multiple players competing in multiple game rounds for entertainment and to win cash prizes.

And a lot of casinos, including Slots City, offer these tournaments to spice up the gaming experience. In other words, tournaments exist, so you won’t have to be playing slots every time without competition.

In addition, casino championships are won by accumulating the most points at the end, just like sports tournaments.

How do online casino tournaments work

A good number of players, especially beginners, struggle to understand the workings of casino championships. But the process is quite simple. Unlike regular casino gaming, casino championships are not initiated by the player. They are announced and organized by the casino itself. All you have to do is join in and participate.

In simple terms, the casino announces the date and time that the championship will take place, and gamers only have to key in, after which you’ll be competing against other players at City Slots or any other games to surpass them.

Also, tournaments are usually timed, and all participants get limited time to perform, which promotes competition. And at every point during the competition, the points of the leading players are displayed on the leaderboard, which is open to all participants to see.

In all, the following are four quick steps to participate in any online casino tournament for US players:

  • Visit the tournaments section of online casinos with free tournaments.
  • Go through the upcoming events and select any one.
  • Read the terms and conditions of your selected tournament to be certain.
  • Show up and participate.

Types of Casino Tournaments

Online casino tournaments are usually grouped under two classes:

  • Tournament by type,
  • Tournament by game.

By Type

Tournaments by type usually refer to the workings and method of organization of the competition. They include the following:

  • Guaranteed tournaments: A guaranteed tournament ensures that you get the stipulated prize amount upon winning, irrespective of the number of players competing. This kind of tournament usually gets the most number of participants if organized properly.
  • Sit-and-go: Sit-and-go casino tournaments are competitions that kick off the moment the minimum number of participants have signed in. In other words, it has no slated time or date and depends largely on the players.
  • Scheduled tournaments: These are the opposite of Sit-and-go competitions. And as the name implies, scheduled tournaments can only kick off at a determined date and time. As the competition usually begins with any number of players that have signed in before the deadline.
  • Free Rolls tournaments: A tournament is described as «Free Roll» when it doesn’t require any entry fees for participation. In essence, you do not have to fulfill any monetary requirements to get in. Also, you’ll usually find free roll competitions at online casinos offering free slot tournaments.

By Game

As the name suggests, tournaments by games are classified solely on the game type. As such, the kinds of games formed the basis of the casino slot tournaments. And, since we have a lot of casino games that are featured in tournaments, the list is so long. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some of the most featured tournaments by game type.

Online Roulette Tournaments at Casino Sites

Roulette tournaments are pretty common in casinos. They’re both easy to organize and play since the game only involves several rounds of spins. And most online roulette tournament sites usually limit the number of spins to a certain number. In the end, the winners are determined by the players with the most wins from all the rounds.

In addition, it is important to note that you may need some entry fees to participate in a roulette championship at most online roulette tournament casino sites.

Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments are less common than that of roulette. That is because the game comes with slightly complex rules and has many variants. Nevertheless, blackjack competitions are pretty entertaining and usually require experienced players. Also, blackjack championships feature live animated visuals of cards and chips being dealt and a live leaderboard.

In addition, most casinos will charge an entrance fee for their Blackjack tournaments. So you may not find them at online casinos with free tournaments only. In summary, the following table shows the different types of Blackjack tournaments, their features, and their rules.

Tournament variant Features Playing Rules
Accumulation Blackjack tournament A Single player goes against every new participant. And the goal is to collect as many chips as possible. Leaderboard is also on display. The winner is the player with the most number of chips at the end.
Elimination Blackjack tournament Players are grouped into tables, where they compete against themselves. The winners of each table/group go higher to face other winners. The winner is the player with the highest point from the final group.
Live Money Blackjack tournament Users play to accumulate chips, which have cash value. Players are allowed to exchange their chips for cash at the end.
Sit-and-go Blackjack tournaments The game begins when the required number of participants is reached. Happens in quick succession, so players have to be swift. Points are accumulated by knocking out opponents. Players with the highest elimination points win.

Casino Slot Tournaments

Unsurprisingly, casino slot tournaments are about the best online casino tournaments in iGaming currently. They are not just easy to play but also very volatile, exciting, and profitable in the end. And these facts hold for both online and land-based casinos.

Provided you join a slot competition at online casinos offering free slot tournaments, you won’t have to pay any entry fees. After which, you’ll be given a certain number of credits to be used during the game. And usually, the goal in slot tournaments online casinos is to multiply and retain as many points as possible before the clock runs out.

For further detail, the following are some of the most popular slot games that feature in the best online casino tournaments:

  • Starburst
  • Book of Dead
  • Egyptian Gold
  • Wild Spin
  • Book of Vikings, and a lot more.

Differences between regular slots and tournament slot machines

So what exactly differentiates regular slot rounds from slot tournaments online casinos? Well, the simple answer is a couple of parameters. While the gameplay and general features are the same, the differences lie in the structuring.

For a simpler understanding, the following table breaks down the major differences between regular/single-player pokies and tournament pokies.

Single player Slots Tournament Slots
Cash deposits and bets required No deposits or bets required
Slot Machines are set to regular mode Machines are set to tournament mode
No timing Countdown timing is featured.
Leaderboards absent Leaderboards present
Only outcomes of spins are recorded. The outcome of spins, plus points are recorded.

Online casinos with free tournaments

Having covered most of what you need to know about casino tournaments, it is only normal that you’re seeking the best casino site to participate in one. And if that’s your position, then we still have you covered.

Slots City

Undoubtedly, Slots City is one of the best online casinos with free tournaments. The casino can boast several slot tournaments with rewarding prize pools. And the thousands of slot games offered by the provider make sure every competition feels new.

In essence, there is so much to experience with City Slots’s pokie tournaments. Also, most of the slot competitions in the casino don’t feature a single winner. As such, there can be anywhere from five to ten winners per tournament, so the odds of winning are pretty fine.

How to participate in a Slots City tournament

Especially if you’re new to City Slots, do well to follow the steps below to participate in online casino tournaments for US players.

Visit the casino: You’ll have to follow a link to get to the casino site. Then register an account to be fully eligible for any of the casino’s events. The registration process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes under normal circumstances. And after registering, proceed to the casino’s homepage.

Select Tournaments: Once you get to the site’s homepage, click on the menu grid at the bottom of the page, then select «Tournaments».

Check for upcoming events: City Slots casino arranges its upcoming events in order, so you’ll only have to select the latest one. Also, be sure to read the terms of the competition to be enlightened on what to expect. The terms will also expose a lot of things you should be aware of. Things like:

  • The slot machines involved,
  • The Buy-in deposit requirement, if any,
  • Number of participants,
  • Prize types,
  • Date and time of the event.

Sign-in: After you’re satisfied with the competition and its terms, go ahead to sign in as a competitor.


Do all casinos offer tournaments?

How do I join casino tournaments?

What online casinos have tournaments?

What different types of slot tournaments can I play?

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