3 Oaks

3 Oaks Gaming is a rapidly expanding iGaming content distributor that collaborates with proven high-value studios to deliver casino content and marketing tools to regulated countries. Online games from 3 Oaks Gaming blend cutting-edge mechanics with a unique aesthetic style, ensuring a great gaming experience. The game developer provides exciting premium slots.

Features of 3 Oaks Games

Year-round Availability and Support

Along with offering top-notch games, 3 Oaks Gaming guarantees reliable, consistent service every day of the week. Any 3 Oaks online game may be played anywhere since it has been optimized for cell phones and tablets. The games support more than 15 languages, and newer or updated translations are uploaded every two weeks.

Completely Safe and Licensed

3 Oaks Gaming complies with all industry rules and has an Isle of Man license. European gaming associations have examined and approved the RNG used by the gaming provider. You may enjoy your games without worrying that your money will be stolen.

Fantastic Visuals

Three Oaks online games provide excellent gameplay because of the game’s distinguishing features and eye-catching visuals. 3 Oaks Gaming offers top-notch games with a wide range of subjects and eye-catching, vivid visuals. More than 48 animated, colorful games from the publisher are now available, and many more are in the works and will follow shortly. There is an extensive range of games with stunning graphics and top-notch functionality.

Some of the Games by 3 Oaks

Here are some slot machines 3 Oaks offers:

Big Heist

The Big Heist slot’s concept is relatively straightforward. Robbers attempt to grab some valuables, and police are pursuing them. Although the visuals aren’t awe-inspiring, they are high caliber and flawless.

The paytable for Big Heist gives a selection of 10 pay symbols, equally divided among 5 low-paying and 5 high-paying symbols. Card ranks from Tens to Aces are available as low-paying symbols, and they all have identical payoff values. Thematic symbols featuring money, dogs, cops, women, and gentlemen are available for high-paying symbols. The most valuable symbols are gentlemen, who pay 200 times your bet.

Wukong Hold And Win 

The figure Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, from the 16th-century Chinese classic «Journey to the West», inspires the idea of 3 Oaks Wukong Hold And Win. You have a rare possibility to win one of the four jackpots when playing this slot machine. You need to gather 15 Bonus symbols to qualify for the Grand Jackpot of 5000x the wager. The primary components are Bonus games, Scatter symbols, FreeSpins, and Wild. The slot machine may be accessed via any digital device, including a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Aztec Fire: Hold And Win 

Go on a trip to Central America’s jungles to search for buried artifacts from an ancient civilization. On the surface, the game appears to be very wonderful, with finely defined symbols and excellent visuals. A vast Mesoamerican rainforest with lush vegetation and tranquil blue rivers is shown when the game is loaded. A substantial 5×4 grid with 20 win lines depicting animals and ancient Aztecs is located in the center.

Pros and Cons of 3 Oaks Gaming


  • Outstanding game design and gameplay: Every slot machine at 3 Oaks has an appealing look. Even the spooky and gloomy games are colorful and sparkly. It is clear why many reputable online casinos include 3 Oaks games.
  • Effective Gamification: Gamification software integrates games into your website, app, and online presence. 3 Oaks Gaming employs eye-catching promotional materials with thoughtfully designed UX and mechanics. Additionally, they make sure that every internet-connected gadget is completely optimized for playing their games.
  • Friendly and Reliable: Dependable, efficient, and hassle-free services are offered by 3 Oaks 365 days a year, seven days a week. The team is equally hospitable and courteous to all guests.


  • A small selection of games: Although the gaming provider is growing, it still lacks the substantial numbers necessary to rival other major companies. 

Even though it was just founded in 2021, the game provider has rapidly expanded, adding titles, offices, and partners. The upshot of this combination of talents is a range of fun and intriguing games for the guest. To experience the most exciting gaming environment, play 3 Oaks online games.

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